The Event:
Have you ever wanted to ride a big Dozer?  Many did at DIG Rotary on May 20, 2023!
The Kalispell Rotary Noon and Daybreak Clubs brought back “Dig Rotary Day” - a fun-filled event the whole community “dug.”  Families had a fun day, and little ones had the thrill of exploring and getting hands-on with heavy construction equipment such as excavators, graders, and bulldozers. Stay Tuned for DIG Rotary 2024 
The Benefit:
Your generosity had double benefits, as all event proceeds will go to the design and construction of a community splash pad along the new Parkline Trail in Kalispell.
So what's a splash pad? A splash pad is a recreation area, often in a public park, for water play that has little or no standing water. This is said to eliminate the need for lifeguards or other supervision, as there is little risk of drowning. Typically, there are ground nozzles that spray water upwards out of the splash pad’s rain deck and above ground water features such as a rainbow (semicircular pipe shower), or mushroom or tree-shaped showers.
The Daybreak and Noon Rotary Clubs of Kalispell intend to work closely with  the City of Kalispell and the residents of Kalispell to design and build a splash pad along the new proposed Kalispell Trail through downtown.
Becoming a Sponsor:
The Flathead Valley business community has always provided generous support for local events and causes. Rotary’s mission is Service Above Self. We make a difference together through our charitable donations and volunteer service. Kalispell Rotary Clubs would be honored to have your support as a Dig Rotary Day Sponsor.
Thank you for considering a Dig Rotary Day sponsorship. Let’s Dig Deep to Raise a Community!